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Ferhman knives Thru hiker

Fehrman knives Thru Hiker

Today i will be reviewing the Fehrman knives Thru hiker
Specs.(taken from Fehrman's website)
Blade Size: 3" x 1.25" x .19" 
Overall Length: 7.5" 
Steel: CPM-3V 
Hardness: 57-59 Rc 
Handle: Skeleton (No Slabs)

Short Review:  This knife is awesome.  The ergos without handle scales are among the best out there.  The 3V steel is tough and has good edge retention and pretty darn stain resistant.  the hardness of the steel can be both a pro and a con depending on your sharpening skills.  The kydex sheath that comes with it has very good blade retention and is high quality.   There is one major downfall to this knife:Price to performance: you can find alot of blades in this category that will do the same job for alot less money


Ergos:  the ergos on this knife are amazing.  the combination of a thumb ramp and then a thumb depression and a choil make this knife very controllable.  i cleaned a squirrel with it and was not surprised how comfortable is was during that process (note: i have med. sized hands)

Steel:  This is my first and only knife in CPM-3V and so far i am really impressed by its performance so far.
i have carved,cleaned animals,and cut boxes/paper with this knife for over six months before now having to sharpen it.  it came with a razor sharp edge and kept it for a long time before going down to a working sharp
i would put it on par with SR101 in edge retention
2. A2

Sharpenablity:  this steel quite a bit more difficult to sharpen compared to 1095 and A2 and is about on par with SR101 in my experience if you are not very good at sharpening you might have a bit of difficulty sharpening it.   If you generally know what you are doing you will be fine

Warranty: from what i have gathered is that the warranty is very good in practice and the CS at Ferhman is very helpful 
(as taken from Ferhman's website)

Our Guarantee

Fehrman Knives are Guaranteed not to fail… for life.

If you unintentionally damage your knife, we will recondition or replace it.

Sheath: very good blade retention and is thin.  no problems here

Price to performance and possible competitors:  this is the area that in my opinion are where this knife suffers.  you can simply find many knives that will do the same job just as well.

ESEE izula
KABAR BK 11 and 14
SURVIVE necker
BARK RIVER bravo necker 1 and 2

for 155 shipped the price is a bit high for what you are getting
but if you have that money and want something from ferhman or in 3v look no further.
added note you can look around the forums and see if one will pop up used

here is a pic with the knife in the sheath

the knife

choked up grip

regular grip

hope the review was helpful and informative
if you have any question,concerns, or if you are an knife manufacturer wanting to get a honest review
let me know by email or the comments

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