Monday, June 9, 2014

CGFBM review

CGFBM review
1- very bad 5-average 10-perfect
ease of use-10
price to performance-2


this blade is a good all arounder.  It chops like a beast and batons like a champ.  if you can get past its price and can deal its size this blade may be for you… that is if u can find one.
happy hunting

This is a big and heavy blade.  at .25in thick the thing is a beast to have on your belt.  it does alot better in a pack but is still not a light tool.  if you dont want to lug around a big knife look elsewhere

ease of use(ergos)-10
The handle is SUPER comfy.  no hotspots were developed when i was chopping,cutting or batoning

cutting performance was not really great.  i could not really get a good feather stick with it.  and the heavy blade made notching and other similar tasks difficult.  that being said the blade was not as sharp as it could be.

as far as choppers go this is darn close to as good as it gets.
the blade is very well balanced for chopping and its not so heavy that you get tired quickly

with the length of the blade and the thickness makes this a very effective splitter able to split some very big logs.  could not ask for something better as far as  knifes go.

price to performance-2
this is where this blade and most other busse blades suck at(and this is also why there is a thing call scrapyard knives :p)   You can get 98% of the performance for a fraction of the cost with something like a bk9,SYKC 911,R9 ect.  for me the performance does not constitute the cost but others mileage may vary.

camp tool-9
backpacking tool in a 2 blade system-7
Survival blade-8


camp tool-9
as a camp tool this blade is amazing.  you can do just about anything with it and a folder.  making kindling: no problem.  making tent stakes: no problem.  cutting massive amounts of bacon: no problem. Making a shelter: no problem.

Backpacking tool-7
this makes a great tool to keep in your pack because most go out with a 3 blade system- a large knife like this one, a medium sized knife(esee 6,RMD) and a small belt knife/folder(esee 3,izula, PM2 ect).  this lowers your weight by cutting out(lol punny) some weight

Survival blade- 8
 While this blade is not the best for small delicate tasks this blade would do you fine in a survival situation because it can do it and it can accomplish much harder tasks that a smaller/less robust blade could not with ease.  and in a wet environment you don't have to worry about rust as much.  as well as being able to be sharpened easier

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