Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swamp rat Rodent 3

this is a departure from my traditional reviewing style
tell me what you think-good or bad

overview: a excellent EDC/small camp knife knife that can take some punishment

Uses that i have had good results with: cleaning fish and cutting bait,EDC,fire making,bushcraft,camp chores
ease of use: for me (i have med. sized hands) i am able to get a 3.5-4 finger grip. the micarta handles are grippy even when wet and don't look bad in the aesthetics department either

steel: SR-101 steel is a very good tough steel that can take a fine edge and hold it for a good amount of time. think the ease of sharpening of rowen/esee or kabar's 1095 but with more edge retention if that makes sense

company/warranty: swamp rat knife works is part of the bussekin family which includes busse knife co. scrapyard knife co. and swamp rat knife co. swamp rats have a unconditional lifetime warranty or directly from the website; "lifetime guarantee. All Swamp Rat Knives are covered against any and all unintentional major damage for life. Period." the consumer service department is also very polite and easy to deal with.

Sheath: the sheath is not included but you can get a good quality custom sheath from any of the excellent sheath makers out there Example-godspeed tactical,Buybrown,Azwelke,Pawpaw kydex, Glockcrazz ect.
if you buy from them tell them about this blog.

added note: the knives are made to order and take 2-4 weeks to ship but you could go on one of the many forums see if they are on sale

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